Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today has been one of those days where anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. Murphy's Law at it's finest, folks.

It started when I woke up, and went to the Ulta website to partake in the fabulous Butter London buy one get one free deal. By nine o'clock this morning, they were completely sold out! Like, not a damn nail polish available. Not even a couple lonely reds. NOTHING. Okay, fine, probably better for my wallet - I moved on.

Then, since a friend's birthday is coming up, I decide to make cupcakes. I have one box of cake mix left, which had expired about a year ago. I figure, you know, it's just powder, no biggie. So I start mixing ingredients. It calls for three eggs. I crack the first egg, and as it's falling into the bowl, I notice the egg is bad. I've never had this happen before, but I could tell it was not like a normal egg. It was a weird consistency, and it smelled BAD. So that batch goes in the garbage. I'm feeling okay, because I can just make cake batter from scratch! That seemed to go well, but the cupcakes NEVER BAKED. Like, I had them in the oven for over a half hour, and they just baked halfway, and then got lazy and didn't want to bake anymore. UGH. No cupcakes for my friend. And no cupcakes for me. Lots of cupcake batter for the trash can.

Now we move on to the nail polish related shit. It's Day 12 of The Challenge, and that means stripes! I do a Google search for some inspiration (see below), put some Ghost Hunters on, and get to work. I decide to use a white base, and blue stripes. Well, my white has officially gone to shit. It needed three coats, which is pretty typical for whites, but it just would not dry. I think I smudged half of my nails! Then I added the stripes, which just did not go well. I quickly took it off. Then I decide to go with a soft pink instead of the shit-tacular white. And things went slightly better.

The pink I chose is the cleverly named Pastel Pink from Models Own, sent to me by Nicole at Top to Toe. This polish actually applies really well for a pastel. It's on the thicker side, but not oh my god so thick! It just takes two coats, and then it's nice and smooth! It's so cute! I wouldn't typically consider myself a pastel pink kinda gal, but there's something I love about this color against my skin.

After the pink base, I added blue stripes. I chose Ski Teal We Drop from OPI, one of my favorite polishes! It's not quite as stark of a contrast as it was against the white, but it still works. I then added cute heart decals, also sent by Nicole. You can see that the color smeared off the hearts because of the top coat. Bit of a bummer, but not as noticeable in real life. I do wish I had a steadier hand, but I suppose if I did stuff like this on a regular basis, I would. I did have to do a couple nails over - Murphy at it again! - but overall I'm pretty happy.

This is what I based my mani on. Pretty cute, right! Do you think those are striper decals, or does this person just have an insanely steady hand?! Or maybe they're those nail polish strips or whatever?
I was going to end this post with a video from the Brendan Leonard Show (which I'm sure none of you remember) about Murphys Law, but I couldn't find that. So, here's a different one!


  1. cute! you are more patient than i <3 the pink is super sweet with that blue.


  2. aw no, it sucks when things like that happen, but 'tomorrow is a new day'. I prefer your version of the mani, and the pink base looks great with the blue x

  3. Such a cute idea. The pink and the blue look really cute together.

  4. Holy Brendan Leonard Show. It has been about a million years since I thought of that.